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    Kupo Mighty 28mm Spigot Coupler (Ø51-60mm) is ideal for suspending lights from pipe lengths or trussing and has a 1-1/8’’ (28mm) Spigot for mounting lights and other accessories. 

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    Kupo Arch 16mm Spigot Coupler with T-shaped knob provides a good force point for both hands. It can be very firm without additional tools. Equipped with a 16mm(5/8") stud for lightweight luminaires, grip heads, etc.

    • RM132.00
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    Kupo Offset Mounting Plate with Baby (5/8") Receiver has a Kino Flo-compatible mounting plate and a stainless-steel ball joint with 5/8" receiver for mounting onto an industry-standard stand with a 5/8" stud. The ball joint has a ratcheting handle that allows for repositioning to ease locking down. Designed as a replacement for the one that comes with the Kino Flo 2' and 4' fixtures.


    • RM374.00
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    Kupo safety wire is built with stainless steel hook and wire rope, and terminated with aluminum ferrule. With its rusty-free feature, it is an ideal choice for outdoor application.

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    Kupo Safety Wire Is fabricated of galvanized steel wire, and constructed in accordance with DIN3055 and DIN3060. It is used as secondary bonding for rigging, lighting and other equipments to truss or stand, rendering a secondary flexible coupling in additional to regular fixture.

    • RM16.00
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    Kupo TV Junior C-Clamp with Tommy Bar it terminates in a 1-1/8” (28mm) junior receiver. Collar ring on bushing for supplied safety hitch pin to pass through fixture spigot. There is a dedicated aperture in clamp body for attaching safety cable. This clamp works for diameter from 22-54mm round tube with load capacity 250kgs. It is ideal to hang all types of luminaries in T.V. studio and theaters.

    • RM175.00
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    Kupo Duck Bill Clamp is great for holding foamcore and breadboard. The steel baby stud welded on the clamp has an embossed neck design to be firmly fixed on the baby receiver or a Grip head.

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    Adjustable poly holder is made of lightweight aluminum for the central tube and two durable extendable steel holders with an anti-refection black powder coating. This is designed for any thickness of polyboard, or foamcore sheets from 91cm (3 ft) to 156cm (5 ft). The extendable clip equipped in the end of each holder is used to hold a polyboard parallel to the floor while the poly holder is in a vertical position. The central aluminum tube comes with a 14.5cm length steel baby pin with milled flat on one side for mounting securely on a C-stand through grip head KCP-200. U-shaped handle is also fixed on the central tube to make it easy for moving or adjusting the angle of the poly holder.

    • RM437.00
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    U-shaped steel holder with black powder coating to mount foam core. Comes with a 10 mm dia. chrome plated steel stud to connect with grip head. Two spike pins are attached with strings to securely attach the foam core through the holes drilled on the both sides and the bottom. For foamcore with 1” (2.54cm) thickness.

    • RM124.00
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    Designed for holding a single Kino Flo T12 fluorescent lamp / tube with double spring steel clips. Swivel ball joint design with neck-embossed 5/8” Baby stud can neatly mount in a grip head, C-Stand, or gaffer grip for offering mulitple positions. Metal adjustable lever handle designed for a specific handle position if desired.


    • Dual Steel Clips Hold a Single Tube
    • Swivel Ball Joint for Tilting
    • 5/8" Baby Pin
    • RM145.00
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    Call for Price

    Kupo Quick Action Jr. Pipe Clamp is built by heavy-duty gravity casting designed for rigging on pipe with diameters from 25mm (0.9") – 55mm (2.1"). Features an unique quick action locking device which allows to tighten or loose the knob just in a snap. The telescopic column is available for hanging lighting fixture by penetrating any piple with max dia. 35mm in horizontal or vertical dirction. The 28mm ( 1-1/8") stud can be also locked up for directly hanging a lighting fixture or any gear comes with a 28mm (1-1/8") stud.

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    Kupo Twist-Lock Mounting Plate for Four T12 Lamps has rubberized spring clips to hold the tubes and has numerous 3/8" holes spaced in a 1" pattern to mount to a standard cheese plate.

    • RM317.00